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Wrinkle Reducer Specialist
The aestheticians with Clark-Brown Family Care Clinic in East Austin have helped many residents of Austin, Texas who suffered from wrinkles. Many of their patients are overjoyed with their services and heartily recommend them to anyone in the city who is looking for a wrinkle reducer.

Wrinkle Reducer Q & A

Clark-Brown Family Care Clinic

What is a wrinkle reducer?

The term “wrinkle reducer” is used to refer to a variety of aesthetic procedures that minimize wrinkles. Although wrinkle reducer technically refers to the piece of equipment or topical ointment that’s used during a treatment, the phrase is often used to describe the treatment itself, and not just the equipment or topical ointment.

Who offers wrinkle reduction treatments?

Aestheticians offer wrinkle reducer treatments, along with many other cosmetic services. Licensed aestheticians are highly trained in the procedures they provide and have demonstrated their expertise by passing a rigorous licensing exam.

What is a wrinkle reduction appointment like?

A wrinkle reducing appointment is a lot like any other aesthetic or medical appointment. Most wrinkle reducing appointments begin with some preliminary paperwork, and then the treatment that’s going to be performed is reviewed with the patient. Once the initial obligations have been taken care of, the aesthetician begins the procedure. Typically the procedure involves running light therapy equipment, like Cynosure®, over the skin being treated. After the treatment is finished, the aesthetician will review any care requirements with the patient, and a follow-up appointment or additional treatment is scheduled if necessary. This entire process only takes a short time because the procedures themselves aren’t long. It’s easy for patients to schedule an appointment around work, family, and other obligations.

What should patients look for in an aesthetician?

In addition to looking for an aesthetician who is licensed in Texas, residents of Austin who would like their wrinkles reduced should also seek out someone who offers a variety of cosmetic services. Patients who have wrinkles often have other blemishes that an aesthetician who provides multiple services can help treat. Residents might also want to look for an aesthetician who works at a practice near them. Wrinkle reducer treatments can require multiple appointments. Going to someone who works at a conveniently located facility makes it easy to get to and from appointments.

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