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Clark-Brown Family Care Clinic, which is in East Austin, isn’t just a family care clinic. Because of her expertise in women’s health and devotion to her patients, Dr. Cheryl Clark-Brown has established the clinic as a leading women’s health and wellness center in Austin, Texas.

Women's Health Q & A

Clark-Brown Family Care Clinic

What is a women's health and wellness center?

A women’s health and wellness center is a medical facility or practice that focuses on the health needs unique to women. Providers at such a center are trained in women’s reproductive systems, which includes the breasts, but they don’t only treat health issues related to the reproductive system. They also help women with age-related changes, such as puberty and menopause, and other conditions and diseases that women are especially at risk for. Thus, a women’s health and wellness center is a place where women can go, regardless of their age or ailment, to receive the medical treatment they need. They can get the procedures and treatments they need, and they can trust that they’re being seen by experts who specialize in women’s medical needs.

What should women look for in a women's health and wellness center?

When looking for a place to go, women should first look for a women’s health and wellness center that has licensed and board-certified physicians who specialize in women’s health. They should also seek out a center that offers a broad array of services, so they don’t have to go to multiple offices to get the treatments they need. Some women may also want to look for a center that has female physicians on staff. Whether women prefer to see a female physician is a personal choice. All doctors are professionals. Some women, however, feel more comfortable talking to a fellow woman. Those who do will find that many women’s health and wellness centers have female doctors on staff.

How long is a women's health and wellness center appointment?

How long an appointment at a women’s health and wellness center takes depends upon the purpose of the appointment. Most appointments are about as long as a typical doctor appointment. They include enough time to get vitals, take a medical history and a family history, and have an exam with the doctor. They don’t require a lot of the day, though. Occasionally, an appointment might be slightly longer if additional testing or a procedure is needed. Most of the time, a center is able to tell women ahead of time if their appointment will take longer than is typical.

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