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At her state-of-the-art practice in East Austin, Dr. Cheryl Clark-Brown has helped many patients who struggled to maintain a healthy weight. A weight management specialist serving Austin, Texas, she is familiar with the latest advances in effective weight management.

Weight Management Q & A

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What exactly is weight management?

In the context of medicine, weight management refers to a host of techniques that help patients achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Usually, weight management focuses on either losing weight or maintaining a consistent weight. In some cases, treatments include ways to help patients who are severely underweight increase their weight.

Who should go to a weight management physician?

Anyone who has difficulty keeping their weight within a healthy range might benefit from seeing a physician who specializes in weight management. The list of people who might want to see a specialist about their weight include those who are moderately and severely obese, as well as people whose weight varies greatly and people whose weight is too low. Even people at a healthy weight may want to consider talking with someone if they’re constantly worrying about their weight.

What should patients who struggle with weight management look for in a physician?

When selecting a physician to see for weight management, patients should first look for a licensed and board-certified doctor who specializes in weight management. They may also want to find someone whose practice is easy to get to, as weight management treatments may require multiple appointments. Additionally, patients should look for someone who provides a host of treatment options and medical services -- including aesthetic services. Weight management is a health issue as well as a confidence issue. Going to a doctor who can help with both the medical aspect and the aesthetic aspect of weight management can help people both feel better and have more confidence in themselves.

What kinds of weight management treatments are available?

There are many types of weight management treatments available for patients. In severe cases, gastric bypass and other types of surgery may be necessary. The majority of weight management patients, however, don’t need such involved treatments. Doctors have a number of non-invasive ways to help with weight management, such as nutrition counseling, medications, and medically supervised diets, that are effective for most patients.

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