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Unwanted Facial Veins Specialist
The experienced aestheticians at Clark-Brown Family Care Clinic’s state-of-the-art practice in East Austin have helped many Austin, Texas residents who suffered from unwanted facial veins. Many of their patients regard the aestheticians as some of Austin’s leading unwanted facial veins specialists and recommend them to others.

Unwanted Facial Veins Q & A

Clark-Brown Family Care Clinic

What are unwanted facial veins?

Unwanted facial veins are unsightly veins that develop on the face. They typically set in during adulthood, and their appearance can be minor or extremely noticeable. Unwanted facial veins always detract from a patient’s appearance, and they can pose serious health issues in some severe cases.

How are unwanted facial veins treated?

Unwanted facial veins are often treated with laser or light therapy. During a therapy treatment, a laser or light is directed at the affected area. The process doesn’t hurt, although patients might feel a slight warm sensation. Depending on the severity of the unwanted facial veins, treatment may reduce how noticeable they are or remove them altogether. One common laser and light treatment is Cynosure®.

What is Cynosure?

Cynosure is one of the leading providers of aesthetic medical equipment. They provide laser and light equipment that can be used to treat unwanted facial veins, along with a lot of other types of equipment. How Long Does Treatment for Unwanted Facial Veins Take? Unwanted facial veins can sometimes be treated in just a single appointment, but they also sometimes require multiple treatment sessions. Each treatment session is performed as an outpatient procedure that takes only part of a day. Patients are easily able to schedule appointments around other activities.

What should people who have unwanted facial veins look for in a provider?

When looking for someone to see about unwanted facial veins, people should look for either a licensed medical doctor or a licensed aesthetician. A doctor should be consulted if there is a question about whether unwanted facial veins are causing any medical issues. An aesthetician is an appropriate person to talk with if concerns are only cosmetic in nature. Additionally, it’s often wise to look for a provider who offers services at a conveniently located practice. If multiple treatments are needed to treat the unwanted facial veins, going to someone who works at a practice that’s close will make getting to and from appointments easy.

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