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Physical Exam Specialist
At her East Austin-based practice, Dr. Cheryl Clark-Brown has provided physical exams for many of Austin, Texas’ residents. Many of her patients recommend her to others in the city, and she has been voted the Patients’ Choice Awards “Most Compassionate Physician.”

Physical Exam Q & A

Clark-Brown Family Care Clinic

What exactly is a physical exam?

A physical exam is a routine exam that checks a patient’s overall health. During the exam, a provider will typically:

  • perform routine checks for diseases and disorders
  • recommend any additional screenings that are appropriate
  • make suggestions on ways the patient can improve their health

Patients, of course, have an opportunity to ask any health-related questions that they have. In addition to assessing a patient’s overall health, a physical exam serves another important purpose. It gives the physician and patient a chance to build a relationship. Having an existing relationship in place makes recommending treatments for ailments, should the patient ever become sick, easier because the doctor and patient already understand each other’s perspectives and approaches to health.

Who needs a physical exam?

Everyone should go for a physical exam periodically, as physicals are an important part of preventative health care. Patients can talk with their primary care providers to determine precisely how often they should have a physical. In some cases, patients need a physical exam for a specific purpose. For example, people who want to do the following might need an exam even if they aren’t due for a routine one:

  • participate in an organized sports league
  • begin a new job that’s physically demanding
  • sign up for a life insurance policy

Does Health Insurance Cover a Physical Exam?

Most health insurance policies provide coverage for routine physical exams, although policies vary. Patients should check with their insurer to see if their policy provides coverage and, if it does, how frequently they can go for a physical. Patients who need a physical exam for one of the above-listed reasons might not have health insurance coverage for the exam. They may, however, be able to ask their prospective employer or life insurance provider to pay for the exam.

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