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Family Medicine Specialist
At her conveniently located practice in East Austin, Dr. Cheryl Clark-Brown is a family medicine practitioner who sees patients from all over Austin, TX. She is highly respected in her field, and her patients voted her the “Most Compassionate Physician” in the Patients’ Choice Awards.

Family Medicine Q & A

Clark-Brown Family Care Clinic

What exactly is family medicine?

Physicians who practice family medicine provide health care services for people of all ages. They typically provide physical exams, write prescriptions, and provide referrals to specialists. They’ll often see everyone in a family, which is where the term “family medicine” comes from.

Who should go to a family medicine physician?

Everyone should consider seeing a family medicine physician. While they aren’t the only doctors who can act as primary care physicians, many people’s primary care physician is a family medicine provider. Since everyone should have a primary care provider, anyone who doesn’t already have a doctor to go to ought to consider going to a family medicine physician.

What should patients look for in a physician?

Residents of Austin who don’t already have a family medicine provider should look for a physician who is board-certified by the American Academy of Family Physicians and licensed to practice medicine in Texas. Additionally, residents might want to find a provider who has an office in their neighborhood, especially if everyone in their family will go to the same physician. Selecting a provider who has a conveniently located practice makes getting to and from appointments easy.

How long are family medicine appointments?

Since most family medicine providers are primary care physicians, appointments don’t generally take too long. Family medicine providers may offer some procedures and treatments, but the ones that they provide are generally non-invasive and can be done right in their office. If a more advanced procedure that takes longer is required, they’ll typically provide a referral to a specialist.

Are family medicine appointments covered by health insurance?

Most health insurance policies provide full or partial coverage for a lot of family medicine appointments. Whether a particular patient is covered for a specific appointment will depend on the purpose of the appointment and the terms of their insurance policy. Anyone who is unsure whether they have health insurance coverage for a specific appointment should check with their insurance provider.

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