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Chinese Medicine Consultation Specialist
The acupuncture providers with Clark-Brown Family Care Clinic in East Austin have provided Chinese medical treatments for many residents of Austin, Texas. Many of their patients are extremely pleased with all of their services, including the initial Chinese medicine consultation they provide and all the treatments they perform.

Chinese Medicine Consultation Q & A

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What is a Chinese medicine consultation?

A Chinese medicine consultation gives patients an opportunity to meet a Chinese medicine provider and learn about the treatment options that Chinese medicine offers. The provider might ask some questions during a consultation so that they can recommend treatments that would help the patient. Of course, there is plenty of time for the patient to ask any questions they have about Chinese medicine in general and particular treatments that are mentioned during the consultation. Because Chinese medicine, like Western medicine, is able to help with many different ailments, many people decide to move forward with treatment. Once the patient elects to pursue treatment, the conversation typically begins to focus on designing a course of treatment that’s tailored to the patient’s unique needs and goals. (While most people decide to schedule a treatment at the end of a consultation, patients are not required to do so. As a consultation, the meeting is meant to be informative and helpful, not obligatory.)

Who is a Chinese medicine consultation scheduled with?

A Chinese medicine consultation is usually scheduled with the person who will be providing any treatments that are selected. In some cases, providers working at the same office or clinic might recommend each other’s services if they specialize in different areas of Chinese medicine. Most providers, however, are trained in several different areas of Chinese medicine and offer a variety of treatments themselves. Meeting with the person who will be administering any treatments that are chosen has three distinct benefits: patients can clearly communicate their concerns and goals providers can quickly and confidently answer any questions patients and providers can begin developing a relationship.

How long does a Chinese medicine consultation take?

A Chinese medicine consultation doesn’t take long. Unless a procedure is scheduled for the same day, the appointment merely requires enough time for the patient and provider to have a conversation.

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