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Acupuncture Consultation Specialist
The acupuncturists with Clark-Brown Family Care Clinic in East Austin have provided acupuncture treatments for many residents of Austin, Texas. Many of their patients are pleased with every aspect of their service, from the initial acupuncture consultation to their final treatment.

Acupuncture Consultation Q & A

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What is an acupuncture consultation?

An acupuncture consultation provides patients with an opportunity to talk with an acupuncturist and see whether acupuncture is right for them. At a consultation, patients are free to ask any questions they have about acupuncture and the various treatment options, and the provider is able to inquire about a patient’s particular ailments. Because acupuncture is able to help with so many issues, from physical pain to emotional turmoil and even mental conditions, many people decide to move forward with an acupuncture treatment after a consultation. Therefore, the conversation during a consultation often focuses on tailoring an acupuncture treatment to the patient’s particular needs. (There is no obligation to move forward after a consultation if a patient doesn’t want to.)

Who is an acupuncture consultation scheduled with?

Acupuncture consultations are typically scheduled with the acupuncturist who will administer any treatments that are selected. Meeting directly with the acupuncturist, and not an intermediary, has several advantages:

  • patients are able to clearly express their concerns and desires.
  • acupuncturists are qualified to answer any questions about the treatments they provide.
  • patients have a chance to meet the acupuncturist and become acquainted with them.

How long do acupuncture consultations take?

Acupuncture consultations typically don’t take long. Acupuncturists might want to take a medical or family history, and they might have some additional questions. Of course, patients also need an opportunity to ask the questions they have. Explaining treatment options, selecting treatments and asking any relevant questions only takes a short time, though. As long as treatments aren’t scheduled for the same day, a consultation can take less than an hour. If a patient wants to immediately undergo the first treatment, and the acupuncturist’s schedule permits doing so, the appointment might take a little bit longer. Even if a procedure is performed, however, acupuncture treatments only take part of a day. There is still plenty of time in the day for seeing to other obligations.

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