SculpSure in Austin is an advanced treatment using non-invasive heat energy to torch and therefore reduce your fat cells without causing you pain or any wasted downtime. FDA approved and quickly becoming a celebrity favorite, SculpSure can help you reduce fat effortlessly in a matter of weeks.*

How Does SculpSure Work?

 SculpSure treatments work by finding your fat cells and spreading heat energy into them. We use a safe and painless applicator that does not use suction such as other, more uncomfortable treatments do. Our applicator uses light energy to safely enter below your dermis to find your fat cells without harming any of your surrounding tissues.

Once this energy reaches your fat cells, it attacks them with high temperatures to damage them so your body will recognize that it needs to let go of those dead fat cells in that particular area. Then your body, over many weeks, will work to let go of your fat cells for good.*


Is it Safe?

SculpSure has been approved by the FDA for safe reduction of your fat. If you think about it, exercise or eating less so that your body consumes those fat cells is about the same process as SculpSure. The difference is that you usually have to work really hard by eating clean and running on the treadmill for hours to get the same results. SculpSure gives you a way to drop that cellulite like a bad habit without the usual efforts people have to make for weight loss.*

What Areas Can SculpSure Treat?

Our SculpSure applicator is quite flexible and able to work on most places around the contours of your body. Our patients often prefer to treat their upper and lower abdomen, lower back, inner and outer thighs, and buttocks. However, let us know if you have a different area you’d like treated so we can discuss this at your initial consultation. That’s the appointment we’ll use to determine if SculpSure will be right for you.*


Am I a Good Candidate?

Do you have fat pockets like a muffin top or flab in trouble areas that you’d like reduced? Are you willing to wait a few weeks to see some results? If so, we think you’d be a great candidate for SculpSure. We don’t usually recommend our SculpSure treatment for obese individuals as you’d be required to have multiple treatments and lots of patience to wait for the extra fat to be reduced but should you be in that situation and willing to have realistic expectations, we can examine you and come up with a treatment goal. SculpSure is a treatment that can be effective for almost anyone. The best way to determine what you should get from your SculpSure treatment is to give us a call to set up your free consultation at our Austin location.*


What Do Results Look Like?

Your results will vary depending on several circumstances, but it’s likely you’ll see results resembling the photos above. The optimal way to know what results you should see would be to have an examination to talk about your treatment goals and expectations with us.*



When Will I See Results?

This is completely dependent on your own body. Your body decides how fast it disposes of your dead fat cells. Everyone’s body metabolizes these cells differently and while you should start seeing results around 6 weeks after your first treatment, you might not see your final results until about 12 weeks out. SculpSure treatments do require some patience but the benefits far outweigh the extra time.*


Does it Hurt?

Patients seem to agree that SculpSure is a painless procedure that doesn’t cause any uneasy feelings during or post treatment. With that being said, we should mention that everyone has different levels of pain and varying sensations so it’s possible you might feel something during your treatment. If you do, it’s likely to be a heating or tingling sensation at certain times throughout your session.*

How Long Do Treatments Take?

SculpSure treatments can take about 25 minutes long. That means you can enjoy your session during your lunch and then go right back to work, shopping, or whatever else you planned on doing with your day. Our patients love SculpSure because they don’t have to concern themselves with downtime or major side effects.*


Are There Side Effects?

Generally, no, but we can’t guarantee you won’t experience any slight swelling, tingling, redness, or tenderness after your session. If you do experience these minor symptoms, they’ll likely go away within a few hours up to 2 days. We’re here to discuss any concerns you may have at your free consultation.*


How Long Do Results Last?

Your fat cells should be reduced for good as your body disposes of them. This means that your treated fat cells should not return but it doesn’t mean that your SculpSure treatment can keep you from ever gaining new fat cells later on. If you want to stop new fat cells from forming, you’ll have to do some things differently. Our advice is to start thinking more about clean food and daily movement so you can maintain your results over time.*


How Do I Get Started?

Easily. Just call! We’ll arrange your free consultation where we’ll look at the area you’d like treated and devise a treatment plan designed for you. It’s quite possible you’ll only need one treatment to create the results you want but it’s best to examine you first just to be sure. Go ahead and call us today to get started!


*Disclaimer* Any claims of reducing or removing fat or improving appearance cannot be guaranteed. Individual results will vary and are often based on age and lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, smoking, and alcohol use. Set up your free consultation at our Austin location to determine the results you should see from your SculpSure treatment.


Words from our patients

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